Beetle or Butterfly?

Okay, so we’ve been dealing with this leased car for months.

Andrew leased a car for the person who is now his ex-wife. There is much to this story that is simply too sad or too libelous too print.

Suffice it to say the lease term ended this month. We had to hire a lawyer who had to hire a private investigator to find said ex-wife and said car, a VW Beetle.

She turned the car over to us after, in my opinion, jerking us around a bit. It was damaged and had 14,000 more miles than were allowed on the lease agreement.

A week later, the car was, to quote Dickens, dead as a doornail.

Even the tow truck guy couldn’t jump it, so we had to tow it to the VW dealership in Bend.

It also became increasingly clear that we were going to have to buy the car because it would cost us more to pay out the lease than to purchase it.

That would have been okay, except that we don’t want or need the car. We have two perfectly good, perfectly old, perfectly paid-off cars.

Well, we did. We still have those two cars, but now we have a VW Beetle, too. In an attempt to change its image (at least in our eyes), Andrew christened the car the Butterfly. We decided we liked her, with her stylish little look and her stereo we can plug the iPod and the MP3 player into.

Alas, some things aren’t meant to last. The Butterfly isn’t flying.

We tried to take her to the store the other night, and she simply sputtered. This after being given a new battery and more money than we want to admit.

She is, apparently, determined to kill our Memorial Day weekend, the only time we can get her to the dealership. (Because, sadly, they are the only ones who can work on our delicate car.)

But the saga of the Butterfly has taught me a few things about my husband.

First, he blames himself for everything and constantly second-guesses himself.

Actually, I already knew that.

Second, and more important, he is gracious even to people who have wronged him. He believes the best about everyone but himself, and if he will treat a person who squandered his money and his property with forgiveness, I know I have nothing to fear in the years ahead.


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