‘Settling’ on 32 inches

English: Best Buy Express vending machine, in ...

Image via Wikipedia When I start shopping at one of these, somebody please wake me up.

I feel incredibly spoiled.

We finally got our deposit back from the old apartment (after a lost-key fiasco), and I went and got a 32-inch TV from Best Buy, Dynex, the cheap one, but with the four-year they-have-to-fix-it-if-anything-goes-wrong upgrade. This is a fine TV. The picture is clear, the sound’s a bit tinny but we have a stereo system for that. It’s more than we need, really.

But it’s smaller than the old 36-inch console, back when they didn’t measure diagonally and the screen was square. This one feels small and bit frustrating to watch by comparison. I could take it back and get a 40-inch, but it’s $100 more plus another $60 for any kind of decent warranty.

I am frustrated, not with the TV (it’s fine, really; I don’t love it, but that may make me less likely to sit mindlessly in front of it for hours on end, and yes, I know that sentence should be reworked but I just don’t care), but with the fact that if I was working anything approaching full-time, I would have bought the 40-inch without hesitation.

The lack of work from Demand has forced me to make choices. Where we had a cushion, we are now worried about every penny we spend. We have enough, but we used to have extra.

This throws my materialism square in the face. Where is that girl who could happily live in a village in a hut with a dirt floor and a couple of changes of clothes? Did she ever really exist, and if she did, why have I replaced her with someone who laments over a piece of technology that costs more than many people make in a year.

I need to get some perspective. Fast.


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